11 things that only Irish people will find funny

Us Irish have a special type of humor that not many cultures across the world understand, we’ve compiled a list of some of the funniest images we could find below

1) For some reason or another, I’m actually not surprised by this one!

2) What the f*ck is bread and butter pudding with custard?

3) This Chinese name is nearly as bad as “Fook Yu” or “Fat Kok” !

4) This is a brilliant headline!

5) Well done Garda.

6) Again, I’m not actually surprised by this one!

pope approves use of condoms after historic shift

7) Oh, Disney…

8) Donald Trump’s wig after blowing away whilst playing golf!

9) You can’t beat warm, gone off milk!

grad them while its hot

10) Every childrens worst nightmare!

11) Well done America!!

Watch this hilarious video of a guy stuck on a roof with subtitles

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